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Xanax Reviews

Xanax drug Abuse, side effects of xanax, xanax addiction

Side effects of Xanax – An Anti Depressing Pill

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side effects of xanax

The only purpose of this article is to guide you through the right use of Xanax and not criticize the product itself but its excessive use.

There is a great saying as “If there is a life, there is the world”. The addition of good health to the life makes the quote even more perfect. We get so involved in our daily routine that when we wake up we don’t even realize that how blessed are we to stand up and see the world just as it was yesterday. We are so used to sleeping and getting up daily that we have started taking life for granted as if we are going to live just like this forever. But remember, “Forever is a lie”. A lie to the world and to your own self.

For all those people suffering through depression or have anxiety issues and to all those taking antibiotics like Xanax are requested to not only read but understand what is written.

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Before you go to take another pill of Xanax you have to understand that in order to get something you got to lose something else. So have you ever, ever thought that what you are losing to get mind’s relaxation? No. It is a pill and we have to take it. This is surely not a right attitude towards ourselves.

The medicine that we are discussing is probably the one which you have heard of or even used. Xanax is made for the patients who suffer through anxiety issues or gets panicked. The medicine is useful till it stays in the limit. Once it exceeds its limit the same medicine which was beneficial at first pill could prove to be the fatal one later.

Excess of everything is as dangerous as we can probably think of. So before taking tablets of Xanax more frequently than prescribed by the doctor. You need to know that what side effects are waiting for you upon having excessive use of it.

Side Effects Of Xanax

If you have been thinking all long that the more you will intake the medicine, the more you will feel relaxed then you are highly mistaken. In fact on the abusive use of Xanax can even work in a reverse way. I am sure none of you would want to have several other diseases and issues just to avoid depression. If so then take a minute to look upon how Xanax works and what are its side effects.

1-Short-term memory loss

Short-term memory loss is one of the common problems that occurs when you excessively use Xanax for a long period of time.

Short-term memory loss - side effects of xanax


An overdose of Xanax can create restlessness in one’s personality. A person feels restless enough to get satisfied at one place or with one thing. Due to which he keeps changing his place, work or decisions.

3-Social Isolation

When a person becomes addicted to Xanax, and intake the drug more than the usual. It simply creates an urge in him to be isolated from the social gathering. Hence, he prefers to stay alone and avoid social meetings.

4-Inability to work

Xanax is basically a drug which when taken abusively weakens the cells of the nervous system which makes a person least interested in working.


The over dosage of the drug makes a person lazy and sluggish. It makes a person inactive to a level where he don’t feel like getting into any activity of daily routine.


Drowsiness, it is something which comes with side effects of Xanax. It makes a person sleepy enough to sleep irrespective of the place, situation or circumstances. In fact, people have found to be sleeping while driving. Of course, you would not want to be one of them. If not then try adjusting the dose down.


Dizziness is another a common side effect which can be found in people who overdose the usage of Xanax tablet.


A person becomes impulsive and gets angry easily only if he abuses the usage of the tablet. If you don’t want to scream at every single talk then you have to make sure that you take the dose only as prescribed by the doctor.


Patients with overdosage of the tablet also suffer from a migraine gradually. They tend to have severe headaches attacks.

10-Muscle Pain

With restlessness patients also feels to have pain at every part of the body. It makes their muscles pain like anything.

11-Heart Palpitation

People who go for taking pills without giving a second thought should know that the abusive use of the tablet can increase your heart rate which may also lead to heart stroke.


A person feels as if he is imprisoned and bound to do anything. His creativity dies. He starts to live in himself leaving the world behind. His thoughts are locked as if it cannot reach even his own head.


Nausea is a disease where one feels like vomiting every now and then. When we overdose or abuse the use of Xanax, it becomes the must for a patient to feel like vomiting.

14-Mood Swings

A person goes through frequent mood swings which make his company not only boring to the people but also make things difficult for himself too.

15-Disorientation & Confusion

When you are up on taking the excessive dose of Xanax. It basically weakens your nervous system. Hence, you lose the ability to think gradually which makes a person confused enough to take any decision or maintain focus.

Disorientation and Confusion - side effects of xanax

Now that we have discussed the side effects of Xanax abuse. We should know that how common has it become for people to easily dose up the tablet. Studies in 2011 estimated that around 61,000 people were found doing the excessive use of the tablet. These people were registered as a patient hence they have come in light. Think of the number of people who might not seek help or get themselves registered. Yes, the number should have been even greater if they too would have been considered.

In another research back in 2004 people were found to be around 46,000 who fell prey to the overdose of the tablet which increased nearly to 125,000 by 2010.

Other studies also claim that women are to be found twice the men in Xanax abuse.

Effect Of Withdrawing Xanax

After reading it through if you are thinking to quit or thinking to dose down the usage of the tablet. Then hold on!!! It is not that easy. You have to look for a proper guidance because knowingly or unknowingly you have become an addict of this drug and like other drugs, you simply cannot call it quits instantly. Yes, it takes some time and needs a proper pathway to follow. To all those patients who have already fallen dependent to the drug, you are required to seek guidance as there exist the side effects of even withdrawing. The professionals will help you get through it by minimizing the amount of Xanax from your body slowly. So get the right professional for the right treatment.


2-Instant weight loss

3-Vague vision



6-Suicidial Ideation

7-Lack of Sleep


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